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Mar 8



Education simply means educating minds to lead a sophisticated life where we can help the weaker section of society for the betterment of their life. Education is not just a word but if we talk and see the condition of ongoing education in India it clearly depicts rather than focusing on learning our education system is focusing on feeding. Students brains are used as a chip used in the software where we are feeding unlimited Apps without uninstalling the previous App. Nowadays it is lees emphasized on learning the moral values,ethical rules but more inclined towards grasping and uttering technological terms. No doubt in this 21st century where the whole world is moving toward globalization it is the need of an hour is to make the education system compatible to deal with this current globalized world. While keeping this thought in mind the invasion of technology in life as well as in education system has changed the face of education system in India. Now the kids as young as 3-4 years -old run the i-Pads,smartphones,gadgets and computers smoothly,because with time the brain too has started adapting the technological changes,which has taken place.

The different technologies introduced in learning such as use of internet connections, interaction with teachers, students across globe has become easy. The world has shrunken with the help of internet connection, which lacked in early years.


On the one hand where internet helped in building a strong block in education system in India on the other hand it created a huge difference among students. On the grass root level each individual of the society is corrupt and responsible for the degrading education system in India. Where government of India provide a Fundamental Right "Right to Education" which means kids from age group 6-14 have right to get free education. This education is provided by government schools Private institutions have no role in it.

From the time of getting Elementary Education till the time we get Higher Secondary Education each parent seek to get their kids admitted into the best school of the area whether its Central Government School or the Private schools run by Private autonomous body. No one look after Government School. Why so? Is the ongoing education in government school is not effective to sharpen their kids mind or their is no comparison between a Government school and a private school's education?

But when it comes to take admission in colleges everyone wants to get admission in Government college. What can be the reason for switching between same body with different institutional level?


As per my opinion the ongoing education system in India is degrading day by day. Not only the students and teachers but the whole upcoming generation is on the verge of degradation. In my perspective being a secular and world's largest democratic country we should provide equal opportunities to all the students and for that reservations must not be gender biased and caste biased it should be only for those who really are from economically weaker section of the society and needs it more than any other individual do. If we really want to count ourselves in the category of developed country instead of developing country we really need to shed the barriers of caste, class and creed and for that we need to develop, deliver a stupendous thought to delight our nation. It is going to be possible only if we will stop talking about equality instead of showing it in a certain way where each individual can seek the opportunities to development in real sense and in true meaning.


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