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Aug 14

इस प्लेटफार्म की तरह अपनी जिंदगी की डोर है, क्योकि प्लेटफार्म पर भी ट्रैन आती है फिर चली जाती है, फिर नयी आती है|| ऐसे ही अपनी जिंदगी में लोग आते है चले जाते है फिर नए आते है|| इसलिए किसी के जाने से
Jul 14

Everyone see dream at night during sleep, but someone fulfill their during day time. Everyone have dream to do something different but only some are achieve their dreams by their hardwork. Hard
Mar 24

adadi Kya itna aasan hai ek ladki hona?? Ky itna aasan hai ek ladki hona?? Har pal,har vakt ,har ghadi keval atayarchar sehti h ladkiyan Vo yahi sochti h ky galti ki usne janam lekar?? Ya galti ki usn
Feb 22

Every paths gives you a way to do something innovative in a life, only you have to move forward on right path. After choosing the right path, miracle occurs in a life.
Feb 20

Mann chae tu tumhe ameer bhi bna skta h aur garreb bhi!! Mann chahe tu tumhe dharti par gira bhi skta h aur aasman me khada bhi kar skta h!! Mann chahe toh kisi khet ko hara bhi kar skta h aur kis
Feb 15

Work hard is not the key to success , it is basically the price of admission. It is nothing but the efforts which brings the destination closer . Firstly , there is a need to set the goal , when it i
Feb 12

We all are busy in our life to do something, to make money. Some people want to achieve their dreams some have their own issues, but in all this we forget that we have a life.. So many of us don't kn
Feb 10

1. Illusion = Some big dream (make it as a goal) 2. Reality= Challenges,obstacles ,etc of life ( We need to work on it , and achieve our goal which is illusion or something big for others ) 3. Have co
Feb 8

Often romantic relationships can be like a deck of cards. They begin with diamonds and hearts and end with clubs and spades. Love at first sight and divorce at first fight. Ever wondered what makes a
Feb 7

कौन अपनी जिंदगी में बड़ा नहीं बनंना चाहता ? मै या तुम ? जवाब शायद दोनों का एक ही है -मैं | बचपन से लेकर होश संभालने तक की उम्र में अब सिर्फ एक ही सपना सजोया हुआ है -"खुद के लिए कुछ कर गुजरना है | जिंदग
Aug 10

क्रोध बनी हुई चीज को बिगाड़ सकता है और प्यार बिगड़ी हुई चीज को बना सकता है|| क्रोध रिश्तो के बीच एकता को खत्म कर सकता है और प्यार बिगड़े हुए रिश्तो के बीच में एकता बना सकता है || क्रोध से दुनिया मे
May 19

एक शहर में एक परिवार रहता था| जिस परिवार में एक बुजुर्ग, उसकी पत्नी, और उसके छह बच्चे रहते थे | सारे बच्चो की शादी हो चुकी थी| सब अपने परिवार के साथ खुशहाली से रहते थे| सारे बच्चे शादी के बाद अलग अ
Mar 23

आपका एक वोट आपका देश बदल सकता है, आपका शहर बदल सकता है, आपका गाँव बदल सकता है, आपकी कॉलोनी बदल सकता है, आपकी गली बदल सकता है|| आपका एक वोट आपकी जरूरते पूरी कर सकता है, आपके खर्चे कम कर सकता है, आपक
Feb 20

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.
Feb 15

1. It's not what enters men's mouths that's evil. It's what comes out of their mouths. 2. I'm going to become bitter and distrustful of people because one person betrayed me. I'm going to hate those
Feb 14

This is the 19th valentines day of my life and i am still single but i have no issues with that. I am celebrating my valentines day from past years with one superwoman my mom. She takes care of my and
Feb 12

Woke up at 5 with a smile on her face , made tea for her husband and mother in law, cleaned the house, made food, leave for the work at 7:00 as the workplace is ~70 km far, reached near 8:30, teach sc
Feb 9

If inner beauty of what really mattered then the gym wouldn't be so crowded and library wouldn't be so empty.
Feb 7

1. Born on April 14, 1891, he was the 14th and last child of his parents. His father Ramji Maloji Sakpal was a Subhedar major. His mother’s name was Bhimabai Murbadkar Sakpal. 2. Ambedkar’s father Ram
Feb 5

� � From being a small-town boy from Aligarh who bought second-hand tech magazines to the founder of one of India’s most trusted technology brands, Vijay Shekhar Sharma has come a long way. Vijay was