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Feb 8


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Often romantic relationships can be like a deck of cards. They begin with diamonds and hearts and end with clubs and spades. Love at first sight and divorce at first fight. Ever wondered what makes a relationship meaningful, genuine, lasting forever, Ever wondered what is true love. Love is more than often used three word ''I love you!'' Love is more than those sentiments and touchy feelings. Love is not a noun, Love is verb it is full of action. Those three words ''I love you'' in any relationship have as much depth and meaning as the attitude to serve the beloved, Love is less about romance and more about respect, because remember, romantic feelings are always in a flux they are there today and not tomorrow. Today you are in great mood, you have those romantic feelings. Tomorrow you are not in great mood, you don't feel those romantic feelings, and also the initial charm in any relationship, goes down with time. But respect for each other and respect for each other's individuality doesn't die down with time. Feelings goes down with time, respect doesn't and it is that respect not romance that becomes the foundation for all of our feeling which can sometimes be like an emotional rollercoaster. Love is less about my rights and more about responsibilities for your welfare it means striving for physical, emotions, spiritual welfare of the person whom you truly love, love is less about knowing the person and more about caring for the person. Didn't someone say I don't care how much you know until I actually know how much you care. A caring heart walks more than the extra mile to offer service to the beloved. Love is a great blend of caring and daring. Daring to stand up and accept the person completely regardless of their faults and short comings. Daring to practice the virtue of forgiveness and to be able to let go of mistake and the blunders, small and big in that relationship. Yes it like the beautiful, colourful, fragrant rose, those emotional feelings but it is also like accepting the thorn that comes along with the rose, those weakness, those short coming, those faults yes love is all about complete acceptance, a package deal like a rose beautiful in colour and fragrance but also coming along with the thorn.

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