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Feb 18

aati jaati maut se hash ke khel jata hai.....wo rakshak hai mera jaan dekar har dil main amar ho jata hai......

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  • I have learned that all humans want to live a life more than their life. Some want to do something that elevates them from the common man and conveys their life to any meaning or cause. They remove all their lives in the search of other heroes. They search for men and women who want to mold them according to institutional thinking, what do they say? How to behave in your personal life. How much harm is there in these big things? He has always stood up for the leadership and cooperation, help
  • Na Geet na Gazal na koi Mehfil Chahiye, Har Dil ki bas ek Tamana- Dushman ka Sar Kalm Chahiye, Mita do Hasti unki- Jisne Hume Lalkara h, Bhar do Barud sine mein unke, Veer-Javano ko jis-jis ne mara h, Ab Bahut hua Vichar-Vimarsh, Bahut Humne daya Dikhali, Ab Kalam bhi kehti h Chodo Mohabbat, Ab Haton mein h Talwaar uthani, Jhuke na Shees Bharat Maa ka, Dushman ko aaj Dikhana h, A-Bharat Maa Ab Charno mein Tere, Dushman ka Shess chdana h, Na Ishq, na Mohabbat, na hi Ab koi Sanam Chahiye, Ab Har Dhadkan keh rhi Mujhe Sirf Mera "vatan"Chahiye..... Bharat Mata ki jai
  • They sacrifice their everything just to make us feel safe. They leave their home to make our houses safe and for this a lot courage is required and only our army have that courage. We should think how much courage their mother, their wife and their children need when they go back to duty after completing holidays because they don't know that when will they meet him again.